Ever since the 2018 Hemp Farm Bill[1] was passed, the CBD industry has grown several folds.

Over the years, several CBD companies emerged, some thrived, others didn’t.

Among these companies was Green Roads, we decided to write a Green Roads CBD review.


Why write a Green Roads CBD review?

Green Roads CBD, sometimes misspelled Green Road CBD is known for its exceptional quality and innovation.

The product, Green Roads CBD Cream, is claimed by the manufacturer to help with relieving muscle and joint pain.

The company was founded by a pharmacist, Laura Fuentes, back in 2013. All the manufacturing takes place in Florida.

Green Roads won the Cannabis Business Award both in 2018 and 2019. Which was one of the main reasons we wrote a Green Roads CBD review was there back to back dedication to excellence.

The official website mentions an emotional story[2] about the company where Fuentes and her family friend discovered the effectiveness of CBD products. They founded the company as a result.

How that story is related to the quality of the products, I can’t really say.

What I was curious about is: Is Green Roads CBD oil the real deal?

We’ll tell you why we think it’s worth a shot.

Feature & Benefits

Cultivation standards

Green Roads being a highly authentic CBD manufacturing company, ensures to acquire only high-quality hemp.

According to the information provided on the official website [3], Green Roads uses special criteria.

Green Roads CBD oil criteria are based on the fact whether a particular hemp farm follows a specific set of requirements or not.

The first of these is the presence of less than 0.3%. We all know that the Farm Bill in 2018 stated that any cannabis product below that THC count is legal to cultivate in the United States.

Keeping this fact in mind, only those farms can work with the manufacturer that provides hemp compliant with the US Farm Bill.

The second thing that dictates the selection is the Certificate of Origin.

This certificate certifies that a particular quantity of hemp was cultivated in a specified region that follows certain quality standards.

Next comes the Certificate of Analysis, which tells you that the product or a certain batch of the product meets the required standards.

This is followed by Industrial Hemp Registrations and Pesticide-free Product.

Green Roads CBD oil doesn’t use products from farms that use pesticides because of the risk of certain diseases and allergies later on.



The manufacturer makes sure to test all the raw material for the quality and presence of any pesticide or microbial before inculcating them into manufacturing Green Roads CBD cream.

So, Green Roads cares.

Green Roads have established certified labs and have high standards for testing any product.

The same is the case with Green Roads CBD cream. This cream helpful with muscular and joint pain and doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients or additives.

The fact that it contains less than 0.3% THC ensures that it won’t give you that typical ‘high’ associated with THC.

It’s pure CBD?

The best thing is that after preliminary tests, third parties, which predominantly consist of external labs, test the products again.

Customers can easily access these reports by scanning a QR code on the product label.

Grown in the USA

The USA is the hub of all things good. I’m sure you’ve heard that phrase at least a few times.

But does this phrase have any truth to it?

Let’s talk.

Although hemp standards and certifications vary in different countries, the USA has one of the highest standards to date.

It means anything with the “Made in the USA” or “Grown in USA” tag guarantees a high-quality product.

Keeping that fact in mind, Green Roads make sure to obtain CBD products that are only grown in the United States.

Green Roads requires all the farms to follow specific standards that ensure that you get only the best products.

Green Roads CBD cream has CBD that’s not only great in quality but contains a very high CBD concentration, so you may be able to reap all the benefits.


***STOCK PHOTO 100% Organic***

Organic products are all the hype in the market, since they don’t usually have any associated side-effects.

However, the question still arises:

Is Organic CBD better than Non-Organic CBD?

Let’s make a logical comparison of both.

Organic CBD, as the name implies, is free from all sorts of fertilizers and pesticides. It does not contain additives and can be considered ‘All-natural.’

In comparison, we usually obtain non-organic CBD after utilizing Genetically-Modified Organisms (GMO) or certain chemicals.

It means that non-organic CBD can contain some chemical toxins which can be harmful to you.

The organic cultivation ensures that anything grown on the farm will be able to better absorb the nutrition from the soil.

The pesticides can lead to allergies in some people afterward, which can be a serious problem.

So, organic or non-organic?

The choice is pretty clear, I suppose.

Green Roads CBD uses the same approach when it comes to manufacturing any CBD product.

Following this approach of producing all-natural products, Green Roads CBD cream ensures that you don’t get exposed to any toxic chemicals that can affect your health.

High potency oils

Generally, you can refer to potency as the power of any substance.

Potency is what dictates how much amount of a certain CBD oil you need to see results.

In simple words, if you have two CBD oils, A and B.

Say you need to take one capsule of CBD oil A to have a certain effect and two capsules of CBD oil B to have a similar effect; CBD oil A is more potent than CBD oil B.

Using the aforementioned concept, if you look at Green Roads CBD oils, you’ll get to know that the CBD oils that Green Roads manufactures are more potent than most of the other products in the market.

Similarly, CBD cream gives results with smaller amounts compared to its competitors.

So, it helps with muscular and joint pain, but you can do well even with a small amount also.

CBD vs. Pharma drugs

Over-the-counter drugs are used for getting rid of pain and stress.

The drugs that the general population most commonly uses for pain and inflammation are Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) and steroids.

While steroids have well-documented side-effects, the NSAIDs are not ‘Golden Pills’ that can cure anything without a problem.

A study [4] aimed at finding the side effects associated with the use of NSAIDs found that they are often associated with gastrointestinal symptoms like straining and constipation.

What does this research tell us?

In plain and simple words: CBD oils can become one of the major therapies in alleviating pain in the near future.

CBD oil is under rigorous testing; however, none of the researches indicated any clinically significant side effects.

Keeping the effectiveness of CBD oil, Green Roads manufactures the CBD cream that provides all the documented benefits of CBD without damaging your body.

Does that mean CBD oil is a miracle?

I won’t go to that extent; however, CBD oil is great when it comes to supporting your pain and inflammation.

Besides painkillers, CBD oils helps to calm your nerves.

Over-the-counter anti-anxiety medication can often lead to certain side-effects in your body.

You can avoid those side-effects by using purely organic CBD products.

CO2 Extraction

CO2 extraction is a process to extract organic compounds from plants.

This method is in practice for a long time and is very effective as it is non-toxic, and the quality of the extract is great.

But, what about the residues?

Well, it does not leave any residues either, and you get a pure product.

So, any product that you get via CO2 extraction is safer and cleaner to consume.

Green Roads uses this procedure to bring the best CBD products to your doorstep.

The CBD oil present in Green Roads CBD cream passes through this extraction process.

Consequently, you get a pure product that can help you in various ways.

In this way, Green Roads maintains the high-quality of its CBD oil and gives customers the best experience possible.

Pain relief


Pain is one of the chief complaints. You must have experienced some kind of pain in your life, be it physical or mental.

Being humans, it’s something inevitable.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t do anything about it.

CBD oil can help you?

But without any tangible evidence, I cannot state anything.

So, I picked up my satchel to go on a journey deep inside medical journals.

The good news is that I did find some evidence regarding the possible role of CBD in pain relief.

Research [5] found that CBD oil can be an excellent choice for pain relief in cancer patients, especially those who do not respond to opioids.

With products having a high CBD oil content, Green Roads brings an excellent opportunity to your table.

If that joint pain you got after that fall or that baseball game last Sunday is still there, Green Roads CBD cream can help you.

This cream by Green Roads is appreciated by the consumers for helping them reduce their suffering.

Consequently, you can get rid of that distress associated with joint pain in no time.

Besides joint pain, muscular pain can be bothersome too.

A walk to the park; a refreshing jog in the morning; a peaceful swim in the pool.

All those seem enticing until you get that muscle ache that disturbs everything.

Don’t worry.

Green Roads CBD cream has you covered.

It helps lessen that tightness is your muscles, so you can get rid of muscular pain faster.

I can see that happy face.

Ready to get back on the track?

You should be.

Helps with sleep

CDC recommends [6] sleeping for at least 7 hours a day if you are an adult.

What if something disturbs that?

Chronic physical and mental pain can disturb your sleep.

You may change sides multiple times during the night; however, you are still not able to get those necessary hours. All because of that mental distress.

That’s where CBD oil and Green Roads products may help you.

Green Roads CBD oil and CBD cream is known to help calm your nerves, so you may relax and forget all your worries for the time being.

By that, I don’t mean the typical drowsiness, the so-called ‘high’.

Blame THC for that.

CBD leads to what I call a “chillaxing effect”.

Where did I get that term?

Well, chillax= Chill+Relax

That’s just basic English.

Coming back to the point, Green Roads manufactures all kinds of CBD products that help you fall asleep quicker and better than ever before.

The Green Roads CBD oil as well as cream helps with pain and lets you sleep pain-free.

Pain-free sleep equals high-quality sleep.

So, for all those people who are deprived of sound sleep for various reasons, Green Roads CBD can help.

Does Green Roads CBD help with anxiety?

Anxiety is one of the main mental health problems in modern society.

It affects millions of people worldwide and affects social relationships.

Although there are many medicines available, we don’t have any drug that is free from adverse effects.

Green Roads CBD, on the other hand, does not have any documented side-effects and provides similar benefits.

Green Roads CBD oil and cream can help you relax and can make that thumping heart go down.

Can Green Roads CBD strengthen your nerves?

Consequently, you are better able to cope with stressful routines and arduous daily challenges.

Green Roads CBD is an innovation in the market as it’s free from pesticides and additives. Plus, it can provide some excellent mental health benefits.

Long shelf life

Shelf life is what decides if you can use a product over a long period or not.

To have a long shelf life, manufacturers tend to add some chemicals and stuff like that.

Although FDA strictly regulates these additives yet you never know which one of them proves toxic to your health.

Green Roads doesn’t indulge in any such thing.

All Green Roads products, including CBD cream, are free from additives.

Even then, you see a good shelf life.

How cool is that?!

And the best part is: You don’t see a decrease in efficacy even after months.

Longer shelf life makes sure the Green Roads product is reliable and keeps helping you for an extended period.

So, Green Roads CBD products are excellent when it comes to value for the money?

You don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars buying products that expire in a week or so. Right?

Money-back guarantee


Money-back guarantee is the #1 factor that dictates customer satisfaction before purchasing any product.

I checked Green Roads Terms & Conditions [7] to see if they offer a money-back guarantee.

Guess what? They do.

Green Roads provides a 30-days money-back guarantee for all their products, be it the creams or tinctures.

So, if the Green Roads product is damaged or you are unhappy with your purchase, you can return it without any hassle.

That is something I call reassuring.

Green Roads take special care in providing an excellent consumer experience.

Consequently, their return policy is not very strict, unlike some competitors in the market.

The 30-days money-back guarantee just adds charm to the existing greatness of their products.


What, what does Green Roads oil products have to do with fun? Here is a daily dose for all the CBD users.

Well let’s start with CBD Froggies. These CBD Froggies are candy products infused with CBD. With a name like CBD Froggies how can that not be fun. They are know as CBD Gummies, and Green Roads CBD gummies are the best.

Social Proof

What good is a product if the customers don’t like it?

To know what the customers think about Green Roads CBD cream, I decided to do some good research to find some customer reviews.

I set criteria that I will only select the Green Roads customer reviews that:

  • Don’t look fishy
  • Give an objective look at the product
  • Explain an actual benefit or side-effect
  • Don’t have any direct links to the company

I found a couple of reviews that are sure to make you feel you’re spending your bucks on the right product.

Have a look:

FAQ Section

Is Green Roads CBD good?

Green Roads is an excellent manufacturer of different CBD products. One of their best products is their CBD cream for joint and muscular pain relief.

Green Roads also won two awards owing to the great quality of their products. So, they are worth a shot.

Does Green Roads CBD get you high?

All Green Roads CBD products contain less than 0.3% THC. The manufacturer makes sure to acquire hemp from only those farms that meet this standard and have a “Certificate of Analysis.”

Since the THC concentration is very low, Green Roads CBD products won’t get you high.

Where is Green roads CBD located?

Green Roads is located in Florida. However, they obtain hemp from different parts of the country.

Does Green Roads CBD cream work?

Green Roads CBD cream is an excellent choice for helping with joint and muscular pain. It helps provide a soothing effect so you can relax after the hectic daily routine.

Does Green Roads offer a money-back guarantee?

Yes, there is a money-back guarantee of 30 days for each product they offer.

Does Green Roads CBD contain THC?

All Green Roads CBD products contain THC less than 0.3%, which is the maximum allowed by law.

THC is the compound responsible for giving that cannabis ‘high.’


Green Roads CBD is one of the best quality CBD products in the market. They have been in the market for quite some time now.

With the booming CBD industry, this company is one of the leaders.

Green Roads CBD cream can be an effective solution for joint and muscular pain because of the inherent painkiller properties of CBD.

It can be a comforting choice for all those who find it difficult to relax after their hectic daily routines.

I believe a two-time “Best CBD Business Award” winner is worth a shot.

Have you ever tried a CBD cream before?

Let us know in the comments.

We’d love to hear from you.